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Taiko originates from Japan, where its roots lie in spiritual rituals and millennia-old traditions. Thanks to the tours of Japanese Taiko groups such as Ondekoza, Kodo, Yamato or Tao, this fascinating type of drum play is becoming more and more well-known and popular within Europe as well.


We have cooperated with several taiko groups throughout the past years to develop Munz & Simonsen Taikos that are exceptionally durable and comparable to Japanese drums regarding their design, quality, and sound. We are exclusively using well-tested high quality materials from Germany, which are expertly and carefully assembled in our manufactory.


A snappy Shime with traditional rope tensioning


As with our Miya Daikos, the drum bodies of our Shime Daikos are made of glued segments. We are using well-dried boards of Elm wood for the segments, a tree that is related to the Zelkova tree, which is traditionally used in Japan. All Shimes are also available with a Japanese-red surface stain on request.


Always well-tuned: Our tuneable bolt shime


For taiko players who want to be able to expertly tune their Shime, we have developed a tuneable shime: the bolt shime. Created in the tried and tested Munz & Simonsen manufacturing method, she matches our rope shime in size and sound. While the rope shime weighs about 6 kg, our bolt shime weighs a whopping 10.5 kg.


We are also offering shime building workshops in which the participants may craft their own shime.


Drum Body |

The drum body of our shime daikos is made from well-dried Elm wood segments which are glued together. Also available with Japanese-red surface stain.

Bolt Shime |

The drum body of our self-developed bolt shime matches the drum body of the rope shime. However, its steel fitting allow for the tuning of the drum


Drum Skins |

Our highly durable drum skins are sourced from local Rotbunter Allgäuer Rinder cows.
Here you will see more Informations about Munz & Simonsen drum skins...

Drum Stands |

We are offering traditional wooden drum stands as well as metal stands for the Shime Daikos.
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Bags |

We are offering several different Shime bags for the Shime daikos.

Drum Sticks |

The highly durable drum sticks have rounded ends and a smooth wooden surface.

The default drum skin diameter for our Shime Daikos is 37 cm (~ 14.5"). We are offering two different models: the traditional Shime with rope tensioning, and the tuneable bolt shime. You can also order the drums stained in Japanese red on request.

Shime Daiko Diameter Height
Rope Shime 37 cm / ~ 14.5" 18,5 cm / ~ 7.3"
Bolt Shime 37 cm / ~ 14.5" 18,5 cm / ~ 7.3"

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