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Drum sticks and drum sticks are often put under a lot stress while playing taiko. Because of this, only few types of wood can be taken into consideration.


The bright, smooth wood of the European Hornbeam tree is one of the hardest and most dense indigenous wood types. It is traditionally used for the construction of plane soles, to name just one example. Most taiko players are ordering drum sticks made from this wood type.


European Ash is a tough-elastic wood with long fibers, which is why it it is very hard to break (it is often used for gymnastics apparatuses as well as axe and shovel handles). Compared to Hornbeam, Ash wood has the advantage that it has a lighter weight – which is very important for fast and enduring taiko play. It does, however, have a more coarse wood grain than Hornbeam, and a higher tendency to fray out during hard play – particularly when doing hard rim beats.


Alder is a fast growing deciduous wood; age rings are barely discernable. It is very lightweight when compared to Hornbeam, but obviously also not as tough. Using Bachi made from Alder wood makes sense in particular usage situations, such as for example long and fast play during a performance.


Basswood is a very lightweight wood that is quite pleasant to the touch. Of course it does not have the same durability as Hornbeam. We are now offering Basswood drum sticks in three different lengths and three different diameters.


The stick ends are furnished with a pronounced curvature so that the drum skin and the drum rim are not damaged during play. The wood is finely polished. This prevents or at least delays the formation of blisters. We will also gladly manufacture individualized drum sticks according to your specifications.


Length (mm) Diameter (mm) Wood Type Usage
400 28 Maple universal
420 22 Basswood Okedo/children
420 23 Hornbeam universal
420 25 Hornbeam universal
420 25 Ash universal
420 25 Basswood universal
420 28 Basswood universal
420 31 Basswood universal
450 25 Basswood universal
450 25 Hornbeam universal
470 25 Ash universal
470 25 Hornbeam universal
500 25 Hornbeam universal
500 31 Maple O Daiko
500 31 Basswood O Daiko
420 18-25 conical Hornbeam Shime, O Daiko
420 18-25 conical Basswood Shime, O Daiko
370 32-47 conical Basswood Yatai
400 30-42 conical Maple Yatai
400 30-42 conical Basswood Yatai

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