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Taiko Stands

In Japanese taiko, there is a huge variety of different positions from which the drum can be beaten. This is why there are several very different stands for the taikos. The drum skin diameter also plays an important role in choosing the right drum stand.


We are offering the following standard models:

Shime Stands

Steel Stand |

suitable for Shime Daiko with a drum skin ring diameter of 37 cm. Low-height stand made from steel, suitable for playing while seated on the floor. The stand is lacquered with a highly durable, semi-gloss black powder coating. This lacquer powder has been electrostatically applied to the stand and burned onto the steel frame in a furnace.

Beech Stand |

suitable for Shime Daiko with a drum skin ring diameter of 37 cm. Drum stand made out of Beech wood. Medium height of the drumming surface (when using a Shime of 18 cm height) about 75 cm. This wooden stand can shortened to a lower height on request.

Miya Stands

Cross-over Stand |

This drum stand allows for playing in upright as well as in diagonal position. It can be disassembled fast and is easy to transport. Can only be ordered with accurate specifications of the drum skin diameter and the desired height of the drum rest, since these measurements cannot be changed once the stand has been manufactured. Height of the drum rest: 9 to 26 cm. This stand is also available with rollers on request.

Tripod Stand |

This tripod stand made out of Elmwood always stands stable on its three legs and does not jiggle – even on a bumpy surface. Through shortening one or two of its legs, a diagonal playing position can also be achieved. We can also shorten the tripod legs according to your desired specifications. Furthermore, we can customize this stand to perfectly accommodate the drum skin diameter of your taiko. This stand is also available with rollers on request. Height of the drum rest up to 25 cm.

Diagonal Stand |

The diagonal stand offers two adjustable spots which help the drummer to match the stand to the shape of their taiko.

Yatai Stand |

The special thing about our Yatai Stand are the freely adjustable drum rests which make sure that the drum body always rests safely on the stand, regardless of its shape. The Yatai Stand is designed for Miyas that have a height of at least 60 cm.

High Stand |

This High Stand made out of Beech wood is collapsible and suitable for Miyadaikos with drum diameters of 42-47cm. The drum rests at a height of about 135 cm. The angle of the upper drum rest and the height of the lower drum rest can be adjusted, depending on the drum. The surface of the stand is smoothed and unlacquered, but you can have it stained and/or lacquered in a color of your choice for a surcharge.

Okedo Stand |

The Okedo Stand made out of Beech can be collapsed for easy transport with one single movement. It includes leather bands with several holes, which allow for a variable mounting of the Okedo within the stand. We also offer a mounting system with ropes and clamps that allows for steplessly adjustable mounting. Depending on the size of the Okedo, you can chose between two stand sizes.

Custom Orders

We are also manufacturing drum stands in other sizes and shapes on request. For a surcharge, we will stain your wooden drum stands in a color of your choice. Please contact us – we will gladly provide you with further advice.


Stands for Congas

Gerhard Munz developed a drum stand for Congas that adapted itself to all drum sizes and all requirements. It guarantees stable footing while playing the drum seated or standing. It can be steplessly adjusted to playing height and diameter, and it effortlessly collapses into a small, handy package for easy transport.


Drum stands for professional performances on stage with several Congas. The Conga set can be set up for fast and fluid play in any arrangement, tightly packed, and in different heights and angles.


Players who move a lot and who constantly have to adjust the drum stands can use locking levers (available as accessory) that allow for quick, tool-free adjusments.


We are offering the following standard models:

Conga Stands

Playing while seated & standing |

Drum stands for Congas by Munz & Simonsen. Safe footing while drumming seated and standing. Steplessly adjustable in playing height, tilt angle and drum diameter. Collapsible for transport.

Playing while seated |

Short variation of the Conga Stand. For comfortable playing while seated. Collapsible for transport – a space-saving lightweight.

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