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MUNZ & SIMONSEN Drums and Accessories

We have been building Congas, Taikos, Buks and Bocus in exclusive small series in our workshop since 1991. Aside from ordering customized individual instruments, you also have the opportunity to craft our own instrument in one of our workshops.

Munz & Simonsen drums have a clear and unique appearance. The beautiful exterior of our drums is reflected in their natural, warm, and well-rounded sound. Their drum body is carefully crafted out of specially selected and well-dried boards of elm wood. Once the drum body has been assembled and polished, we oil its surface to showcase the beautiful natural grain of the individual staves. Our drum skins are sourced from local Rotbunter Allgäuer Rinder cows, a breed also known as the German Fleckvieh. The sleek drum handles are made from massive burnished steel, which is highly durable and able to withstand a great amount of stress.

Each Munz & Simonsen drum is an individual and unique item that will provide you many years of joy, even if you use it every single day.

MUNZ & SIMONSEN | Drum Manufactoring

Our usage of high-quality materials and careful assembly thereof guarantees a long instrument lifetime and high value retention. This is also true for our specifically developed line of accessory products, such as drum stands and drum sticks. We also apply the same high standards of quality to our line of drum bags.

Do you have any special wishes, or do you need replacement parts? Owners of a Munz & Simonsen Drum have personal, direct and fast access to professional consultation.

Conga |

Our Congas are manufactured out of whole Elmwood staves. An oil finish accentuates and highlights the natural grain of the wood. The simple, archaic form finds its modern interpretation in the tuning mechanisms. | Congas...

Taiko |

Taiko originates from Japan, where its roots lie in spiritual rituals and millennia-old traditions. Our Taikos are very durable, and their beauty, quality and sound is comparable to that of Japanese drums. | More about Taikos...

Buk |

Our Buks – available in three different sizes – have an enduring, voluminous sound. Thanks to our sophisticated tuning mechanisms, and unlike their Korean and Japanese relatives, their pitch is tuneable. | More about Buks...

Bocu |

The Bocu is a slim, crispily loud Cuban drum that is predominantly played during the street carnival in Santiago. The drum skin is stretched over an iron ring on the Elmwood drum body with four stretch irons. | More about Bocus...

Munz & Simonsen | Drums

Our drums, our conviction: first-class hand-made instruments with a warm and natural sound, a defining look, solid craftsmanship, high-quality materials, and well thought-out details.