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All-encompassing drum building

Aside from building and selling drums, we also offer interested customers the opportunity to build their own drum in a structured workshop. We are looking back at over twenty-five years of experience in organizing these workshops, which take place in the professionally equipped carpenter and wood turning workshop of Kai Simonsen in Uelzen.

Building your own drum is a very special experience. You will have seen the construction materials in their natural state, you will have taken all single parts into your hands and assembled them into a whole, you will have cut the drum skins and stretched them onto the instrument. Through your own labor, you create a drum with personality – one that is truly your own. | Requirements >



For some, the attractive idea of building their own instrument might invoke doubts about whether or not they actually possess the manual skills needed to build a drum on their own. In our courses, we can assure you that physical strength or manual skills are not that important. Most working procedures will be carried out with equipment that ensures that for example the hole for the handles will be drilled at exactly the right place in exactly the right angle. During the twenty-seven years that have passed since we started offering these courses, this equipment has proven itself again and again. All participants – even those who claimed to have "two left hands" – left our workshop with a prime drum that won't be second to any store-bought drum. | Number of Participants & Teamwork >


Number of Participants & Teamwork

The minimum group size of our courses is five, and the maximum number is ten participants.

We will accompany you at each step of the crafting process with care and comprehensive guidance. The success of the workshop, however, is crucial on the dedication and teamwork capacity of each single participant, as even the best equipment cannot substitute for thoroughness, attentiveness and concentration. This is particularly important during the gluing process, for example, where time is limited by the rapidly hardening glue, which is why everyone needs to cooperate and work with instead of against one another. This is why we will run a "dry practice" without glue first. The equipment at the band saw and circular saw is configured in a way that enables anyone to safely and precisely cut the drum segments. The expertise and guidance of the host will contribute to a professional experience. | Construction Method >


Construction Method

The body of our drums is made of elm wood. The segments for the drum bodies are being cut with a band saw and a circular saw in a way that allows for tension-free gluing. In this, our method differs from the barrel drum construction method, where straight wood segments are bent into shape using steam and metal rings.

All metal parts are provided ready-made at the beginning of the course. The drum skins are locally sourced and originate from the Rotbunter Allgäuer Rinder cow breed, also known as the German Fleckvieh breed. All skins are of ready-made parchment quality, i.e. they have been depilated and dried. At the end of the end of the manufacturing process, the drum bodies will be oiled. The participants are also free to the drum bodies with coloured wood stain before applying the oil finish. | Work flow during the course >


Work flow during the course

Our carpenter’s workshop has been located in Uelzen since 2003, and it is professionally equipped with all machines needed for drum building. Lots of steps in the drum construction process require more than just one single pair of hands, which is why we will be doing many of those steps in separate teams. Not every participant will saw their discrete number of drum body segments by themselves. Organizing and supervising that would be impossible during the limited time frame of the workshop. This is why every workshop participant will instead choose one machine of his liking, and after a certain amount has passed, they may switch to another machine, along with the rest of the participants. It is only shortly before the gluing process that everyone gets to take responsibility for the wood selection of their own drum, which will be sanded and treated once the gluing process has been completed. Very eager participants may also choose to build several drums during one single workshop. | Food & Lodging >


Food & Lodging

Unlike earlier years, we do not require the workshop participants to stay in any specific lodging venue anymore. Thanks to our central location in the city, everyone can select an accommodation of their choosing: from youth hostel to seminar house with vegetarian cuisine to classic hotel, there is a wide selection of venues to choose from. Frugal participants may also camp out directly in the workshop. | Registration & Payment >


Registration & Payment

You are free to ask questions about the workshops at any time via Email, or by telephone: Phone (throughout the day): +49 581 907 74 70 Phone (in the evening): +49 581 733 93 Email: info [at]

The number of participants in the workshops is limited. Due to this, and also due to the courses requiring long-term preparation on our side, we recommend you to register early.

You can register by mail, fax, or email. | Course Fees >


Course Fees

The course fees are listed in each corresponding course description, which you can find under workshop dates. For early registrations, we offer an early bird discount. All workshop registrations will be considered in the order of their arrival. Once we have received your course deposit of a third of the course fees, we will send you a registration confirmation, along with further information about the course and the directions to our workshop.

Bank details for workshop deposits and fees:

Account holder: Kai Simonsen
Bank: Cronbank
IBAN: DE10505300000000649503
(Please indicate the name of the course in the payment reference field.)

Please note that the course may not take place if there are less than five registrations. In that case, we will of course reimburse any deposits or fees you might have already paid. | Cancellation and Cancellation Fees >


Cancellation and cancellation fees

In case a participant chooses to cancel their registration, we require a cancellation fee (depending on the time we receive the cancellation request): up until four weeks before the course start, we charge 15% of the total course fee, up until one week before the course start, we charge 25% of the total course fee, and within the last seven days before the course start, we charge 90% of the total course fee (that is, if no replacement participant can be found).


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